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Like any new job, there's lots to know and learn. And while the Caregiver Connection is full of valuable information and guidance, these posts can help you get your bearings.

Getting started

5 things caregivers need to know

Becoming a caregiver

The benefits of calling yourself a caregiver

Training helps caregivers develop skills for the job of caregiving 

Use these essential documents to formalize caregiving arrangements 

Getting help (and where to find it)

5 ways to make long-distance caregiving easier 

Ask doctors and pharmacists for medication management help

Coordinating care for your loved one 

Help when you need it: Paid family and medical leave in Massachusetts 

How to choose the right home care 

How to involve family and friends in helping with caregiving 

Making a smooth transition to rehab and getting the most out of it 

Technology to help you with caregiving 

What to do when your loved one needs additional care 


How caregiving changes relationships 

What to do when your loved one resists plans and help 

Taking care of yourself

Avoid caregiver burnout with 4 ways to take care of yourself 

Exercise and nutrition for caregivers

Signs of caregiver depression and 3 ways to avoid it 

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