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What does it mean to be a family caregiver? It means you’re going above and beyond to improve the life of someone you care about—whether that person is your spouse, relative, or friend.

The road to becoming a caregiver is different for everyone. Maybe you became a caregiver after a sudden change in your loved one’s health. Or maybe it happened a little at a time, because of a decline in health or changes in cognitive abilities. 

No matter how you took on this role, it’s a demanding one. Sixty percent of caregivers work full or part time, and working caregivers on average provide care hours that are equivalent to a part-time job.*

That’s where the Caregiver Connection comes in. We at Fallon Health created this space to provide you with information, support, and advice from health care professionals and other caregivers on a wide range of topics that may affect you or your loved one. 

Still, you may prefer to manage this role on your own. We get it. But we also know there are limits to what a family caregiver can do. 

Understanding those limits is important. So is knowing when to ask for help, and that it's ok to do so (and encouraged!) Being open to support—no matter where it comes from—can help you be the most effective caregiver you can be.


* Valuing the Invaluable 2023 Update: Strengthening Supports for Family Caregivers, the latest report in AARP’s Valuing the Invaluable series

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