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Top five most-read posts from 2021

Posted 25 January 2022 by Fallon Health

As we begin a new year, we do so while still dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to what you read most on this blog last year, your focus has been on your loved one’s mental health as well as your own, and how to support them.

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Debunking myths about dementia

Posted 29 June 2021 by Fallon Health

Talking openly about dementia can help reduce the myths—as well as the fear, shame, stigma and stereotypes—that surround it.

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5 facts to help you better understand dementia

Posted 01 June 2021 by Fallon Health

Memory specialist Heather Dobbert shares information about frequently misunderstood aspects of dementia.

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Interpreting puzzling behavior

Posted 20 January 2021 by Fallon Health

People living with dementia perceive their surroundings differently—and their perceptions can result in behavior that caregivers sometimes find hard to interpret.

“If there’s someone in your life who is living with dementia, looking at their environment through their eyes may give you a better sense of how they feel and why they feel that way,” says Heather Dobbert, a Fallon Health Memory Specialist. “That can make a big difference in your ability to respond to how they’re acting."

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Woman and caregiver standing at window

The value of early dementia diagnosis

Posted 04 November 2020 by Fallon Health

Even though a cure for dementia remains elusive, Memory Specialist Heather Dobbert always advises talking with a doctor if you think your loved one may be having symptoms. "There's so much to be gained by having a medical evaluation and discovering the specific reason for the symptoms," she says.

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