Resources for selling Fallon Health plans

Enroll a client

Use our online tool, powered by Sunfire Matrix, to compare plans and enroll clients into a plan.

If you would like to use online enrollment, email for login credentials. 

Plan documents and materials for individuals

Download materials for individuals who would like to enroll in one of our plans.

Fallon Medicare Plus™ HMO plans

These documents below, and more, can be found on our Fallon Medicare Plus member section.

Fallon Medicare Plus™ Supplement plans

Additional information for Fallon Medicare Plus HMO and Supplement plans

Benefits below do not apply to all members of all plans. Please call us for details about member eligibility.

NaviCare® HMO SNP and SCO plans

These documents and more can be found on our NaviCare member section:

  • Wellness Benefit Reimbursement form
  • Request Payment of Medical Services form 
  • Request Payment of Pharmacy Services form 
  • Healthy Food card services received form (replaces Flu Vaccine Confirmation form)
  • SaveNow Reimbursement form 
  • CTS Friends and Family Reimbursement form

Plan documents and materials for groups

Fallon Medicare Plus Premier HMO


ANOCs and EOCs

Please note: ANOCs and EOCs will be posted as soon as they are available.

More information for members is available on our Fallon Medicare Plus Premier member section:

Additional documents and forms

Getting compensated


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Understanding Medicare

A helpful guide about Medicare, including what it is, what the options are and how to sign up.