Our mission, vision, and values


Improving health and inspiring hope.


To be the leader in providing exceptional coordinated care and coverage that meets the unique, diverse, and changing needs of our members.  

Fallon Health understands that no two people are the same. And as a health care services organization that is both a health plan and a provider, our capabilities enable us to truly focus on the needs of our members as individuals, not merely in terms of trends or statistics. We partner with our members to understand what they want and need, and we work to address disparities in care created by social determinants of health. Our members have the very best experience with us, because ensuring high quality and excellence is the basis of everything we do. Our expertise combined with our innovative approach to developing products and models of care will position us to be the plan of choice for everyone who is eligible. With Fallon Health, every member matters and no member is left behind. 


We support our mission through our values—genuinely held beliefs that guide all our actions.

  • Empathy – We genuinely care about our members. We strive to understand their feelings and thoughts, and demonstrate sensitivity and compassion.
  • Partnership – We build and foster relationships that support our members’ needs and empower our communities to thrive. 
  • Inclusivity – We champion a culture that passionately pursues health equity and celebrates diversity within the communities we serve.
  • Commitment – We are purposeful in our actions and achieve exceptional results with accountability and integrity.
  • Creativity – We are not bound by the status quo; we ask questions and think broadly in order to solve problems and achieve the best outcomes.