Retiree solutions and Medicare group plans

Employers who provide health insurance coverage for their retirees need three things:

  1. Health plans with doctors located where retirees live.
  2. Coverage that gives their retirees assurance that they will be well-cared for in their golden years.
  3. Affordable options that won’t impede the bottom line.

Fallon Medicare PlusTM Premier HMO is our Medicare Advantage Plan that offers two provider networks—one network includes a tailored selection of providers based in Worcester County, the other network includes thousands of providers across Massachusetts.

Benefits overview and documents

For more information

For more information, please contact the Medicare Sales Team at:
1-844-848-4931 (TRS 711)

* Benefits may vary by plan and employer group.

Understanding Medicare

A helpful guide about Medicare, including what it is, what the options are and how to sign up.