Healthy Communities archive

Fall/Winter 2020 (pdf)

  • Tips for better communication through a mask
  • Don't put off necessary care
  • Time to get your flu shot

Spring/Summer 2020 (pdf)

  • How to get care—even if you can’t leave home
  • Connecting members with needed help
  • Tips for managing diabetes

Fall/Winter 2019 (pdf)

  • Vaccination reminders 
  • Adult cancer screenings 
  • Guidelines for care decisions

Spring/Summer 2019 (pdf)

  • The surprising benefits of helping others
  • Get help for opioid dependency
  • Tips for avoiding complications of diabetes

Fall/Winter 2018 (pdf)

  • Stay healthier and happier this winter 
  • Program for older adults expands to Webster 
  • New guideline for diabetes care

Spring/Summer 2018 (pdf)

  • Tips for a safe and healthy summer
  • Changes to your health benefits statement
  • Avoiding prescription drug scams

Fall/Winter 2017/2018 (pdf)

  • Technology: Making connections for better health
  • Beware of addiction treatment scams
  • The ups and downs of managing diabetes

Spring/Summer 2017 (pdf)

  • Opioid addiction: It can happen to anyone
  • See a doctor anytime, by phone or video
  • Eat better, move more to reduce obesity

Fall/Winter 2016/2017 (pdf)

  • Coaching to help control diabetes
  • Telehealth: A new kind of house call
  • Fighting the flu with one easy step

Spring/Summer 2016 (pdf)

  • Giving and receiving care at home
  • Benefits for mom and baby 
  • Summit ElderCare® expands to Lowell area
  • Our mission in action

Autumn 2015 (pdf)

  • Feature: The rise in drug costs
  • Be alert to cyber bullying
  • Fight flu and influenza
  • Managing chronic lower back pain
  • Introducing our cancer support program
  • Keeping your personal information handy
  • American Diabetes Month
  • Are you turning 65 or planning to retire soon?
  • Need caregiver support?
  • And much more!

Winter 2015 (pdf)

  • Feature: Don’t worry … there’s a pill for that. … But there may be a better choice!
  • A guide to getting the right care … in the right place … at the right time
  • Skin like sandpaper?
  • 10 ways to be a better patient
  • It’s heart attack season!
  • Poison prevention is a lifesaver
  • Earn $200, $400 or more with Fallon’s wellness incentives
  • Transparency with a twist
  • A closer look at sleep study services
  • Mastectomy-related services are covered
  • A guide to better medical decisions
  • What’s new from Choosing Wisely campaign
  • Kids’ health - websites to check out
  • Supporting our communities
    And much more!

Autumn 2014 (pdf)

  • Feature: Fun facts and good advice for the season
  • Fight flu & pneumonia
  • You, your teen and body image
  • Acetaminophen - take as directed
  • Preventive visits easier and more affordable
  • New program helps members with COPD
  • A new addition to our Oh, Baby! program
  • MassHealth members: Some radiology tests will need approval
  • Provider network updates
  • Guides to understanding health care topics
  • Health care fraud: Protect, detect and report
  • And much more!

Spring/Summer 2014 (pdf)

  • Feature: Take 5 for a healthier summer
  • Tips for tick season
  • Wellness bucks add up
  • Apps for summer health
  • Caregiver support on
  • Managing the cost of high-tech radiology
  • Need eye care? Use an EyeMed Vision Care provider
  • Members can pay less for the same acid relief
  • MassHealth members: When are urgent care centers a good option for you?
  • Plymouth’s former Jordan Hospital still in Fallon network
  • Fallon joins FOX25 in weekly Zip Trip visits
  • And much more!

Winter 2014 (pdf)

  • Feature: Taking charge of heart disease
  • Exceeding expectations with Fallon’s walking challenge
  • Protect against carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Register with myFallon and you might win an iPad
  • Pediatric dental care now standard for commercial plans
  • Supporting our MassHealth members through changes
  • Money talks: FCHP Health and wellness support
  • Tune in to your health care costs
  • Mastectomy-related services are covered
  • Helping seniors recognize fraud
  • Supporting our communities
  • And much more!

Autumn 2013 (pdf, 494 KB)

  • Feature: Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Less stress, more joy for the holidays
  • Make well visits an annual outing
  • Manage your insurance—any day, any time
  • Check toy safety before buying
  • Specialty meds, special prices
  • Mini clinic visits covered
  • Get protected—get the flu vaccine
  • Commercial plan provider network grows
  • Summit ElderCare® opens PACE center in Springfield
  • Caregivers: Fallon Senior Plan™ options for loved ones
  • One-stop fitness at Info Center
  • And much more!

Spring/Summer 2013 (pdf, 920 KB)

  • Feature: Summer health … as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Introducing The Healthy Health Plan
  • Visit the FCHP Info Center this summer!
  • From smoker to triathlete – one member’s story
  • Partner’s hospitals now in FCHP Select Care network
  • CMIPA strong addition to FCHP Direct Care network
  • FCHP and Reliant Medical Group partnership continues for most plans
  • Do it the Mediterranean way
  • Members can view benefits and claims online
  • Caregiver support on
  • FCHP is zipping around the state
  • And much more!

Winter 2013 (pdf, 571 KB)

  • Feature: Taking charge of diabetes
  • Now open! FCHP Information Center
  • A bite of sunshine
  • Have that difficult conversation now
  • New member ID card app
  • More You in action
  • Oh Baby! adds more support
  • Is it time to apply for fitness reimbursement?
  • More FCHP options with Harrington HealthCare
  • Support in more places – Fallon Senior Plan and NaviCare expansion
  • Mastectomy-related services are covered
  • It’s a skating party!
  • And much more!

Autumn 2012 (pdf, 819KB)

  • Feature: When less care is a wise choice
  • Take charge of concussions
  • Healthy tricks and treats
  • X-rays: Get the picture on protection
  • Top choices for healthy apps
  • More choice and new discounts for eye care
  • MassHealth: More about Mobile Crisis Intervention
  • More women’s preventive services at no additional cost
  • Pulmonary rehab covered for members with COPD
  • More doctors, more choices – Merrimack & South Shore
  • And much more!

Spring/Summer 2012 (pdf, 2MB)

  • Feature: Action steps for controlling asthma
  • Are your kids protected?
  • New rules for safe sunscreen
  • Don’t bug me!
  • New! Get reimbursed for home fitness equipment
  • New health plan options: FCHP Steward Community Care and FCHP Tiered Choice
  • MassHealth: Benefits of fluoride varnish and expansion of Mobile Crisis Intervention
  • When your care is complex, we can help
  • New FCHP grant program—apply on Facebook
  • Use your Family Fun 2012 discounts this summer
  • And much more!

Winter 2012 (pdf, 1MB)

  • Feature: Heart-healthy makeover
  • Is your diet resolution healthy?
  • Brand-name drugs go generic
  • Where does your premium dollar go?
  • FCHP insider tip: Choosing your PCP
  • When you need care now
  • The scoop on croup
  • Having a baby in 1930
  • Weight Watchers® program changes
  • Our Medicare Supplement options better than ever
  • Network expansions – commercial plans
  • And much more!

Autumn 2011 (pdf, 390 KB)

  • Feature: Cutting through the clutter: FCHP, health literacy and you
  • NaviCare expands beyond Worcester County
  • Network changes – commercial plans
  • Member ID cards get a makeover
  • Food safety in your kitchen
  • Living well with a chronic condition
  • Fallon Senior Plan™ HMO – what’s new in 2012
  • New substance abuse program launched
  • FCHP insider tip: Setting your personal goals
  • Online tool checks drug interactions
  • Mail-order Rx- pay up front
  • And much more!

Spring/Summer 2011 (pdf, 426 KB)

  • Feature: Childhood obesity: What’s a parent to do?
  • Traveling? Pack a medical tote!
  • It Fits! Supports member in marathon quest
  • ADHD: Early treatment makes a difference
  • FCHP insider tip: Call readiness
  • Senior Care Services at FCHP
  • FCHP benefits update – commercial plan members
  • Contracted providers keep costs down
  • FCHP chooses OneTouch meters for diabetes monitoring
  • FCHP service at your fingertips
  • Senior program Navigator coordinates needed services
  • And much more!

Winter 2011 (pdf, 838 KB)

  • Feature: Walking the talk to fitness
  • FCHP plans rank among top 10
  • FCHP adds Medicare Supplement plan product
  • Managing cold-weather health problems
  • Kids fueling up on fats and sugars
  • Teen depression: When to consider treatment
  • Peace of Mind Program™ offers specialty choices
  • FCHP Insider Tip: Pregnant? We can help
  • Benefits update
  • New FCHP NaviCare program growing strong
  • Supporting innovative community programs
  • And much more!

Autumn 2010 (pdf, 443 KB)

  • Feature: Cost of care 101
  • Autumn health and safety tips
  • Your child and vaccine safety
  • New focus on food allergy safety
  • National reform extends dependent coverage to age 26
  • How your plan works: Know your benefits
  • MassHealth: Family Partners offers helpful support to families
  • The value of Fallon Senior Plan membership continues
  • Fallon Senior Plan connects members to savings programs
  • More support for living with chronic conditions
  • Take the Personal Wellness Profile
  • And much more!

Spring/Summer 2010 (pdf 339 KB)

  • Feature: Shake the salt habit
  • Hughes named President and CEO
  • FCHP “Excellent”—times 3
  • FCHP expands network on South Shore
  • More you on “My FCHP”
  • Wrestling with health care costs
  • To market, to market!
  • X-rays: Get the picture on protection
  • How your plan works: Deductibles
  • Use more of your prescription before refill
  • MassHealth: In-Home Therapy + Oh Baby! program
  • FCHP sponsors Canal Diggers race
  • And much more!

Winter 2010 (pdf 891 KB)

  • Flu review: Are you an expert yet?
  • FCHP health plans rank top 10 in nation
  • Introducing a new senior program: NaviCareSM HMO
  • New CVS discount card for FCHP members
  • Home health agency discount available through 2010
  • Bulking up on vitamin D
  • How your health plan works: Hospital connections
  • Do you have cyberchrondria?
  • FCHP insider tip: Need someone to speak for you?
  • Radiology services managed for cost and safety
  • “New” drugs may not be best choice
  • FCHP pilot program addresses hospital readmission costs
  • An urgent care alternative
  • And much more!

Autumn 2009 (pdf, 2.9 MB)

  • Budgeting for health in a bad economy
  • How your health plan works: What’s covered?
  • Chocolate milk—the new power drink?
  • More online tools at
  • Lessons from thin people
  • Snort. Sniffle. Sneeze. No antibiotic, please!
  • With FCHP, wellness is free!
  • FCHP support for high-risk pregnancies
  • FCHP insider tip: Direct Care
  • The Medicare Advantage difference
  • Healthy pursuits support community outreach
  • And much more!

Summer 2009 (pdf, 1.2 MB)

  • Right care, right place: Emergency care vs. primary care
  • How to “talk” to your doctor
  • Tips on caring for cuts and scrapes
  • How your health plan works: What do you pay?
  • Compare hospital care online
  • Save money on fitness activities with FCHP
  • Oh Baby!—now more support for whole family
  • FCHP insider tip: Referrals
  • FCHP adds NH providers for cross-border workers
  • MassHealth members get new behavioral health services
  • Benefit change alert for PT/OT
  • And much more!

Winter 2009 (pdf 805 KB)

  • Positively Uplifting: Exercise’s role in fighting depression
  • Extra help to pay for prescriptions
  • The brown bag is back + Rice is nice! sidebar
  • How your health plan works: networks
  • New doc finder at
  • More fitness reimbursement, more eligible activities
  • FCHP support for high-risk pregnancies
  • FCHP insider tip: Customer Service
  • SilverSneakers now includes Curves
  • More doctors, more choices
  • New option: CVS MinuteClinic

Volume 2 2008 (pdf 2.9 MB)

  • Seniors find more value, more choice
    • Working on staying healthy…and what’s new for Fallon Senior Plan in 2009
    • FCHP launches initiative to combat childhood obesity
    • New FCHP program supports depression treatment
    • FCHP welcomes new chief medical officer
    • Three tiers for prescription options
    • Your checklist for monitoring health
    • FCHP has more doctors
    • Being an informed patient
    • Weight Watchers® new support for men
    • Facts about fiber
    • A lifetime of music: Summit ElderCare violinist

    Volume 1 2008 (pdf 1.4 MB)

    • Breathe easy
      Knowing when prescription medication may be right or
      wrong for you
    • FCHP jointly acquires in-home services company
    • Faulkner Hospital, Quincy Medical Center join FCHP network
    • FCHP continues Pay It Forward in 2008
    • Oh Baby! program adds safety kits
    • Affordable health insurance at FCHP
    • MassHealth members and WIC Nutrition Program
    • Keep your kids safe and healthy
    • Ensure your kids’ future bone health
    • Member online tools for healthier living
    • Long-term medication precautions
    • Your Medicare prescription coverage explained


    Volume 4 2007 (pdf 1,267 KB)

    • Our 10th anniversary issue
    • Growing up healthy
      • Overweight kids: breaking the mold
      • Sound bodies, sound minds
      • FCHP achieves top rankings in America
      • More doctors, more choice for FCHP members
      • Fallon Preferred Care benefits enhanced
      • Kid stuff: good nutrition
      • Health clubs: what’s best for you?
      • Keeping cholesterol in check
      • New policy promotes careful handling of meds
      • Palliative care services give hope
      • Summit ElderCare expands to Leominster
      • Changes to prescription mail-order
      • Medicare basics-part 3
      • Senior Plan members pursue fitness

      Volume 3 2007 (pdf 641 KB)

      • Paying it forward – FCHP celebrates 30 years
      • FCHP achieves quality plus distinction
      • Health insurance is the law—and good common sense
      • New FCHP MassHealth benefits
      • Create your wellness profile on
      • Experts: How does the FDA and FCHP oversee drug safety?
      • Poisoned? Act quickly
      • The ABCs of healthy snacks
      • Summit ElderCare—“top health care organization”
      • Preventing sports and exercise injuries
      • Cancer cautions
      • Eating the right stuff—quiz
      • Medicare basics: part two
      • Ask about our Value Plan option
      • Maximizing the benefits of Medicare

      Volume 2 2007 (pdf 1.6 MB)

      • De-stress: you have the power!
      • FCHP is the choice for must-have insurance
      • FCHP offers Commonwealth Care options
      • New online tool checks drug interactions
      • 30th FCHP anniversary—spreading the goodwill
      • Prescription mail-order tips
      • Experts: Is Priolosec OTC™ safe to take all the time?
      • Experts: What is oral allergy syndrome?
      • Kid stuff: Let your children play
      • Prevention and detection of STDs easier
      • FCHP programs work together for extra care
      • Your rights and responsibilities
      • Seniors: A recipe for long life
      • Seniors: Medicare basics, Part 1
      • Seniors: Log on for senior “phit”-ness

      Volume 1 2007 (pdf 867 KB)

      • A change of heart (featuring Nancy Robidoux)
      • Key provider group added in pioneer valley
      • FCHP boost fitness reimbursement
      • New dependent age verification begins
      • FCHP: Excellent times three
      • improved
      • Referral process simplified
      • Post-mastectomy benefits reminder
      • Experts: Whooping cough and immunization
      • Experts: Fosamax® safety
      • Kid stuff: Boost your child’s self-esteem
      • Take care with your OTC medications

      Volume 4 2006 (pdf, 375 KB)

      • Invest in yourself: planning for a healthy retirement
      • Experts: Antibiotics don’t help viruses—the cause of colds and flu
      • Kid stuff: Say goodbye to separation anxiety
      • Generic drugs getting more attention
      • Preparation is key to disaster survival
      • What is bird flu? Get our brochure!
      • Be clear about cough medicine
      • Fallon Senior Plan: What’s new for 2007
      • FCHP expands to Western Mass.
      • FCHP acquires benefits administrator
      • Transitioning from hospital to home
      • Dependent age now up to 26
      • Taking care of you every day

      Volume 3 2006 (pdf, 290 KB)

      • FCHP’s recipes for a healthier lifestyle
      • What immunizations do adults need?
      • I have poor night vision. What can I do?
      • FCHP adds key providers north and south of Boston
      • New hospital comparison tool and more added to
      • FCHP support for high-risk pregnancies
      • Road trip survival with kids
      • Blood tests reveal secrets
      • Staying healthy with diabetes
      • Drug safety takes a front seat
      • Pleasant dreams in later years
      • Emergency care worldwide
      • Introducing Fallon Senior Plan Value

      Volume 2 2006 (pdf, 504 KB)

      • Cuddles and courage: helping your child through a hospital stay
      • Do glucosamine and chondroitin supplements work?
      • Can you tell me more about restless leg syndrome?
      • Kid stuff: food allergy or food intolerance?
      • Meditation: good for body and soul
      • Check your asthma daily
      • How to find a behavioral health therapist
      • Showing your grandkids a good time
      • Seniors covered for clinical trials
      • FCHP network grows in Nashoba and Merrimack valleys
      • Summit ElderCare expands to Charlton
      • Our community outreach
      • An overview of Fallon Preferred Care
      • Important FCHP phone numbers

      Volume 1 2006

      • A message to our members about rising health care costs
      • My everyday health credo: a member’s story
      • Do you need extra dental care when pregnant?
      • Does cold weather trigger asthma symptoms?
      • Rotavirus—no ordinary bug
      • MP3 players and hearing loss
      • Safe heating for health
      • Breathe easier: carbon monoxide detectors
      • Is tanning indoors safe?
      • Figuring fitness—calculate your BMI
      • Seniors: Keep the winter blues at bay
      • Seniors: A healthier you at no extra cost
      • Medicare Part D deadlines
      • You can count on us
      • It Fits! even better
      • More for you at
      • Link to information about your care

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