About Fallon's plans and benefit information

Benefit summaries and Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
We have a variety of low cost plan designs with flexible benefit options so that you can find the best health insurance plan for your company's needs and budget.

Provider networks and service areas 
See our provider networks—our groups of health care providers like doctors, hospitals and other facilities that are contracted with Fallon to provide covered services to our members.

Pharmacy and prescriptions
See our formulary and our pharmacy network.

Retiree and Medicare group solutions
At Fallon Health, we offer complete solutions for your retirees. Fallon Medicare Plus Premier is our Medicare Advantage Plan that offers a statewide network of providers. Members have access to doctors and hospitals everywhere from the South Coast to the North Shore and from western Massachusetts to Boston. For those looking for even more flexibility, we offer Fallon Medicare Plus Freedom—with no deductibles, no referrals and access to a nationwide network of providers.

Healthy extras
Your employees who are Fallon members can stay healthy and fit by taking advantage of health and wellness programs and discounts