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How to talk about problems with driving

Posted 06 January 2020 by Fallon Health

Being worried about your loved one's ability to drive safely doesn't make it easy to bring up the topic. Even if your loved one agrees that their driving is a problem, they may be too concerned about losing independence to say so.

Laura Roias, a social worker, has suggestions that can make it easier for you to start the conversation.

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Older couple driving

10 signs that it may be time to stop driving

Posted 11 November 2019 by Fallon Health

Many people continue to drive safely throughout their later years. But is it still safe for your loved one to be on the road? How do you know? When is it time to take the keys?

This blog post from Laura Roias, LICSW, can help you figure out the answers to those questions.

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How to use music to help a loved one with dementia

Posted 10 June 2019 by Fallon Health

Music can be a powerful tool for those taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. Try these tips for using it to reduce agitation and anxiety, increase lucidity and enable your loved one to communicate with you more clearly for a short period.

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Crystal Polizzotti

"Parent, spouse, relative and friend are terms that explain relationships between people. The word 'caregiver,' however, describes something you do for someone else. That makes it a job," says guest blogger Crystal Polizzotti, of the Healthy Living Center for Excellence. She has ideas for you on how you can get the training you need to do that job well.

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